She had to pick a natural birth. Talia thought she could handle it, but by the twenty third hour of labor she was staring to doubt her own strength. No one spoke, which was what she wanted. The last person that told her to take deep breaths, she threatened to snap their neck. Talia couldn’t even see Bane, but she knew that caused him to smile.

Pressure began to build, pain started to increase, tears started to form as the doctor told her to push. The doctor counted, “10…9…” All noise faded into white noise. Holding her breath. “1.” Taking a deep breath sound flooded back into her ears, but there was a new ring. A cry.

Opening her eyes, something was being handed to her. Instinctively she took the small bundle. The mucus covered, warm bundle stopped it’s crying and opened its eyes. The baby. Her baby. Everything melted around them. It was just Talia and her son in that moment. And that was all that mattered.

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